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January 22, 2010

Kenkut Products Inc.

Press Release: Kenkut 3 Film & Foil Dispenser

Kenkut Products announces their 20 year anniversary with the release of the all new Kenkut 3 film & Foil dispenser. Kenkut 3 represents the evolution of safety, sanitation, style and professionalism in the foodservice industry.

Kenkut 3 solves the problems associated with the cardboard cutter boxes for foodservice film & foil. The Kenkut 3 offers a sleek new design and is much easier to operate than previous versions.

Kenkut 3 eliminates the waste associated with tangled rolls of film & foil. Anyone that has ever worked in a kitchen knows this frustration and the dollars lost in wasted product and time.

Kenkut 3 now offers a choice of the two popular methods of tearing film/foil, a slide cutter or metal safety blade. It boasts a smaller "footprint" that is the same size as the standard 18 inch cardboard cutter box.  Also, integrated into the lid is blade & slide cutter storage.

"The standard cardboard cutter boxes for film/foil are one the most overlooked vehicles for cross contamination" says Ken Krall, Kenkut Products Inc. Virtually every foodservice operation uses film and foil as a direct food contact surface when covering pans, bowls, plates  etc. It only makes sense to use a washable, non-absorbent, NSF approved dispenser. Everyone knows that the cardboard cutter boxes are nothing more than a shipping container with a blade attached. These boxes absorb all kinds of moisture-meat juices, egg, cleaning chemicals. Scientific studies have proven that E.Coli, Salmonella and other pathogens live and flourish in moist cardboard. The cross contamination happens when these boxes are carried around by unprotected hands - countertop to countertop and cutting boards. Even the most professional kitchens have these boxes in some state of disintegration. "Where do these dirty cardboard fragments go?" asks Krall. "This is every kitchens dirty little secret."

Kenkut Products continues its 20 year relationship with their exclusive licensee, Tablecraft Products Company. Ken Krall, designed, developed and patented the original Kenkut and the Kenkut 3. He is a 1977 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. After 18 years working as a chef, he traded in his knives for a journey on the entrepreneurial highway. "I've had the opportunity to learn a whole other side of the foodservice business" says Ken.

Complete product information including where to purchase the Kenkut 3 can be found at

January 22, 2010


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