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The KENKUT Safety Dispenser was developed by a Chef, Ken Krall. Like most chefs, he was constantly working with plastic film and aluminum foil dispensed from cardboard cutter boxes.

Ken saw that the cardboard boxes got wet and greasy in kitchens and became breeding grounds for bacteria. In addition the sharp metal blades exposed outside the boxes were a constant source of cuts to the hands and arms of kitchen personnel.

He set out to build a better mousetrap, or cutter box. Ken designed an ABS plastic safety dispenser with a blade that was covered, and suction cups to hold the box firmly to stainless steel commercial kitchen surfaces.

In 1990 Ken went to Tablecraft Products Co. Inc. and demonstrated that his idea was a natural fit for commercial kitchens. Tablecraft employed designers and engineers to refine the design so it could be manufactured and then took the product to market.

Since that time the KENKUT Safety Dispensers have been sold worldwide as KENKUT and private labels such as SYSCO and EDWARD DON.

After the successful launch of the first 18" size, KENKUT Products and Tablecraft brought to market two more versions of the successful product, the 12" and 24" KenKut Safety Dispensers.

Ken Krall is a proud graduate of the Culinary Institute Of America, Hyde Park Campus, 1977. Ken continues to work as a caterer and is the prime mover at Chefmall Store,

In 2009 the all new and improved Kenkut 3 was introduced at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.

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US patent  4951858  other patents pending
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