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 Kenkut 3 Film and Foil Dispenser
    The evolution of safety, sanitation, style and professionalism in the food service industry

  100% more sanitary - 100% more professional than the cardboard cutter box


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New & Improved
with slide cutting feature for 12-18 inch rolls of foodservice film or foil up to 3000 feet long. KENKUT is the #1 selling safety dispenser in the world for plastic wrap and aluminum foil. KENKUT 3 replaces the soiled, soggy cardboard cutter boxes used for film/foil found in every professional kitchen worldwide. Eliminates waste due to tangled rolls and from being thrown out when the cardboard box falls apart. For aluminum foil our toothless metal blade is included. NSF Approved. Kenkut 3 # KK3 More Info....

Features & Benefits Every Kitchens Dirty Little Secret
Independent laboratory tests prove cross-contamination hazard How Does A Kenkut Save You Money?

Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation
NSF International
National Sanitation Foundation- NSF
Endorsed by the American Food Safety Institute        
The nation's leader in food manager training and certification
American Food Safety Institute
Kenkut Products Inc. supports The Culinary Institute Of America  Culinary Institute Of America

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US patent  4951858  other patents pending
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